Friday, November 15, 2019

French Trip info

Link to Google docs with info :

Hello parents of 6th graders.

On Thursday the 21th, our students will go through Ellis Island (located for this occasion in our small Gym). 

Students should come dressed-up to play their part:
Boys can wear dark pants, preferably dark shoes, white shirt, a dark suit jacket or a vest, and mostly a hat / cap. Girls can wear long skirts and a white blouse, shawls or scarves. Hair can be braided or in a bun. Anything that will remind late 1800's or early 1900's. 

Don't forget to bring a piece of luggage: a big basket, a very old leather looking suitcase, a large bag made of cloth, or just a small blanket rolled-up and held with ropes or belts. 

We will do the activity during 1st or 2nd period to be with the other 6th graders. Students can dress-up at school + leave their luggage in my room as they come to school. 

Thank you to all who volunteered to make this fun activity possible.

Monday, September 9, 2019

French tutors

French tutors:
Jane Brinkley : “Jane is a longtime French speaker and tutor with a great understanding of test taking techniques, French learning, math through calculus, and general studies. She is flexible with time and pay, and has a first hand understanding of what goes into a successful middle and high school career”

Jane Brinkley :

Madeleine Cumplido-Wilson :
I am a high school graduate living in Eugene during my gap year before I start university. I am originally from Montpellier, in the South of France, and lived there until July. My mother was born in Oregon which therefore permits me to have dual nationality and to be fluent in both languages. I am also fluent in Spanish as my father is from Spain. I am eager to tutor French, help with homework, assist in classes, volunteer, and get involved!
I love children and have babysat for many families which has allowed me to develop great relationships with them. I am very flexible schedule-wise, am free before school, after school and on the weekends.

Madeleine Cumplido-Wilson : 33 6 75 32 77 40

My name is Alexia Murphy. I’m a French Native speaker from Belgium.
I am offering French lessons and tutoring and was wondering if there was a billboard or website where I could advertise my services. I am currently tutoring one of your students who is enrolled in the French Immersion Program and would love an opportunity to help more students or even parents looking to learn or improve their French.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Bienvenue à l'année scolaire 2019-2020

Welcome to this new school year!

Students: on this site (left menu), you can find your daily homework, some most likely started in class, and if you were productive in class, maybe completed!  If you have to miss class, this site is perfect to get an idea of what was accomplished in class and to learn about the homework you need to do to be ready for the next day. Don't worry if you are not able to complete it, just make sure to come to see me before school to inquire about it.

Parents: This site will give you heads-up and details on big projects, but mostly will give you an idea of what your students has to do to be prepared for class.  Many times, HW is started, if not completed in class, so in many occasions,  your students will have little to do. This blog is especially helpful if your student has to miss class. If your student feels lost, encourage your student to come before school to ask clarifying questions.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Hosting our new Amity Intern - Mouhamed Ly

We are excited to announce that Roosevelt will have another French speaking Educational Intern this fall for the full 2019-20 school year, Mouhamed Ly. He currently studies Post-Colonial literature in Senegal, and he aspires to be an English teacher. 

These are some of Mouhamed's aspirations for his experience at Roosevelt: As an informal ambassador for my home country, I would present my country’s language and culture by sharing it with young Americans students. I would want to teach my language (Fulani) and show American people what is my culture through its behaviors, clothes, local meals, sports events, dances and songs. I will show them how wrestling matches are done with all the details to live good moments of Fulani wrestling matches. Fulani wrestling is an old traditional sport in Senegal.

Mouhamed's words to his future host families:  Living with a host family is a honor to me because my culture taught me that « one can never pay the family or person who welcomes him ». So, I will share household duties and take part to every activity. I will wash the dish, clean the house, participate in cooking. I will play with the children. I will do as in my own family because for me, life should be taken positively so that good memories will be hold when time comes to go.

Mouhamed's words about fitting in: I am a kind of person who can adapt easily.  I traveled outside my country and found out that their customs and foods are not the same as mine but I loved and adapted with theirs rapidly. For me it is normal and fascinating that customs and foods change in a foreign country, and to better learn, many times, one needs to discover things different from his own culture.

Hosting our intern is a key factor in the programs success. The host families play a key role in shaping our intern's views on American family life and education here (they are all studying to become teachers). They also become short-term family members who can become lifelong French / Francophone native friends. This year we will need 3 host families to volunteer to host an intern for about 12 weeks, but longer stay is a possibility if it suits the family. This is an exciting opportunity to have your children really connect on a daily basis with a native French speaker and learn more about a Francophone culture (Senegal, this year)! All interns have excellent English skills so communication with non-French fluent families will not be a problem.
If you are interested in hosting our new intern, please read the information about the Amity Intern Program and requirements below. Email me ( if you have any questions or would like to put your name on the list to reserve a specific intern time period (Fall Term: Sept-Dec, Winter: Jan-March, Spring: April-June). Thank you for supporting a strong educational experience at Roosevelt.

HOST FAMILIES (from the Amity website):
Host Families play a vital role in the success of an assignment. By welcoming an intern from another country into their home, volunteer host families gain friendship, understanding, knowledge and a connection to the world. They will experience new tastes and customs, and have the chance to practice their intern's language. Their children will learn about different parts of the world from the intern, and may receive extra help with their own language studies. Long-lasting relationships that may develop between the family and intern can lead to an ongoing exchange of friendship and hospitality. Children may also benefit from having an international friend and a foreign pen pal. Learning about another culture may create new interests in travel and international issues. Hosts may also gain a new perspective of Americans and American culture as seen through the intern's eyes, leading, perhaps, to broadening their own opinions, beliefs and values. HOST FAMILIES PROVIDE: A private room. Three meals a day, including a sack lunch on school days.  Transportation to & from school if school is not walking distance or accessible by public transportation. 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Ashley Franckowiak with America Discovery presented his program this morning. If you are interested in hosting a French teenager (age 13-17) for a few weeks this summer, please contact him. His organization provides activities during the day, and you provide room, board and an authentic American family experience.

Students from Spain come from June 29th to July 24th

Students from Spain come from July 1st to July 26th

Students from France come from July 12th to August 1st

Students from France come from July 13th to July 31st

Students from France come from July 30th to August 16th

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